Organizations have developed a variety of strategies for dealing with this intersection of societal needs, the natural environment, and corresponding business imperatives. Organizations can also be considered on a developmental continuum with respect to how deeply and how well they are integrating social responsibility approaches into both strategy and daily operations world-wide. At one end of the continuum are organizations that do not acknowledge any responsibility to society and the environment. And on the other end of the continuum is Acheamfour Group Limited that views its operations as having a significant impact as well as reliance on society at the economic, social, and ecological levels, thus resulting in a sense of responsibility beyond the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Business traditional boundaries of the organization.

Acheamfour Group Limited agrees to the fact that excellent leaders build a sense of inclusiveness (a sense of we) within the organization by creating a common purpose. A place where people know what to do and why, and understand what the organization stands for. Emphasizes One Goal – Dr. Kwabena Baah, CEO of Acheamfour Group Limited, recognizes that his customers valued on-time performance. He set this as the measure of success for the company. In order to underscore this goal, Dr. Baah ensures that all entitlements due an employee is assured and delivered to reinforcing the feeling of “one team”. Lead by Listening – Dr. Kwabena Baah, takes every opportunity to listen to his employees. He eats in the company’s restaurant and often sits with random groups of employees. It also makes him accessible to his employees, in case they wish to share their ideas. Organizations are created to achieve goals that “are beyond the capability of an individual to accomplish alone. This is best accomplished when you encourage people to be leaders at any level within the organization. This requires trust at all levels and a different view of real leadership, It is difficult to overstress how important it is for teams of people working together to meet informally from time to time…The point is that you cannot lead a team if you do not know the people you are leading, and the best way to do that is informally.  

Corporate responsibility or sustainability is therefore a prominent feature of the business and society literature, addressing topics of business ethics, corporate social performance, global corporate citizenship, and stakeholder management. Management education can be an important source of new ideas about shifting toward an integrated rather than fractured knowledge economy, but this means also that the role and meaning of socially responsible leadership needs to be updated. Acheamfour Group Limited have undertaken further research into the need to create a clearer understanding of what is required, both in leadership itself and in the field of leadership development

A trusted company’s products trade at a premium to its competitors’ based on investors’ expectations of strong performance in the future. This expectation, itself, is a matter of belief in customers’ trust in its products, lenders’ trust in its judgment, and regulators’ trust in its practices. When unwanted events occur, a trusted company receives the benefit of the doubt until the facts can be established. It is not assumed to be in the wrong. Acheamfour Group Limited attracts the best available employees, helping to ensure that it will continue to hold the trust of stakeholders into the next generation. Acheamfour Group Limited’s practices and strategies are adopted by other companies wishing to emulate its success. Those strategies enter the curricula of business schools to be studied and adapted. Concentration on the continued worthiness of a trusted company is spread evenly across all levels of the company’s hierarch