The Project

The company has acquired about 6.35acre of land situated at Agric Kokode, a prime residential suburb of Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional Capital and wishes to develop some into first class residential gated community.

The Gated Community together with its accompanying amenities are meant to satisfy the good taste of discerning homeowners and short-terms visitors to Kumasi who desire to enjoy comfortable and secured accommodation. Our vision is to have every customer recommend us to their closest friend and in fact word of mouth is the way that most new customers hear about us. It's something we are very proud of, that more Ghanaians trust us to build their home than any other builder and drives our actions every day.

As unique builder, we control and manage the entire building process through internationally acclaimed standard right from the design to procurement, development and production. Throughout the years, this privately-owned construction company has drawn its staff from both construction and real estate experts; it is not surprising that we have been able to expand into the international market within these few years of our operation as company.

Our staffs are also grounded in philosophies of honesty and integrity; as such customers have always loved to do business with us.      
Total land area= 324 square metres. Building footprint =128.4 square metres  
Total land area= 378 square metres. Building footprint =155.25 square metres 
Total land area= 1,112.4 square metres. Building footprint =477.4 square metres  
North elevation-apartment block
The site for the project is situated at Agric Kokode, a residential suburb of Kumasi. The locationis less than a kilometer from the Kwadaso Agric College and about 5 kilometers away from Adum, the Central Business District of Kumasi.

The location is about 25minutes drive to the Kumasi International Airport. The project location is such that it about 7 kilometers away from most of the prime residential areas (i.e. Nhyiaeso, Ridge, Danyame, Asokwa, Daban, etc.) within the Kumasi Metropolis.

The project is also excellently linked by arterial roads to all the Business and prime areas in Kumasi. Furthermore, the proximity of the proposed gated community to the CDB, Airport and to all the leading hotels and restaurants within Kumasi makes it ideal for the up and mobile residence, expatriates, business people as well as tourists.

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